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    Yahoo weather service data.

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  • KNX

    KNX is the worldwide open standard for all applications in home and building control – lighting, shades, HVAC, energy consumption, irrigation and more.

  • Modbus

    Modbus is a serial communication protocol developed for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

  • DSC

    Integrate your DSC alarm system and control it via your favorite mobile device.

  • Global Caché

    With Global Caché driver for ComfortClick bOS you can integrate and control any audio video device regardless of the manufacturer.

  • IRTrans

    ComfortClick bOS IRTrans driver enables you to integrate any audio video device regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Kodi (XBMC)

    Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) driver for ComfortClick bOS is the best way to manage your multimedia - create playlists, sort and watch your favorite movies and check the photos from the last holidays.

  • Hue

    Control Philips Hue products with ComfortClick bOS and set the prefect lighting conditions for any occasion.

  • Z-Wave

    Z-Wave is a wireless communications standard which can be used for automaton of existing buildings.

  • IP Cameras

    Check your cameras and see what is happening at home or at the office anytime with any device.

  • SMA

    SMA remote monitoring and maintenance of large solar power plants.

  • Sonos

    Sonos is the smart wireless speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room, or every room.

  • BACnet

    BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control networks that leverage the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standard protocol.

  • Satel

    SATEL stands for high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

  • Paradox

    Paradox alarm systems feature reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, making for an ideal security system for any domestic or commercial installations.

  • Samsung Smart TV

    Enjoy the best Smart TV experience with access to a wide variety of apps and services.

  • LG Smart TV

    Choose an LG Smart TV and armfuls of award-winning entertainment are at your fingertips.

  • Fronius

    Fronius is active in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology.

  • Foobot

    Foobot provides air monitoring products, services and technologies that allow the measurement of indoor pollution.


  • Analog Log

    Analog Log stores analog values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Analog Threshold

    Analog Threshold converts analog values (i.e. sensor readings) into boolean values.

  • Calculation

    Calculation performs mathematical operations. Result can be used for further building automation.

  • Counter Log

    Counter Log stores counter values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Movement Detector

    Movement Detector is used for operating lighting based on user movement.

  • Operating Time

    Operating Time measures the time a device has been turned ON.

  • Presence Simulator

    Presence Simulator simulates building's occupancy by randomly switching different lights ON and OFF.

  • Program

    Program executes custom logical operations. Useful for custom automation processes.

  • RGB Mixer

    RGB Mixer converts color value into three color values: red, green and blue.

  • Scene

    Scene is used for setting a group of values. Typical example are lighting scenes for different occasions (party, romantic dinner).

  • Schedule

    Schedule contains a list of commands that can be executed at preset time.

  • Thermostat

    Thermostat is used for 2-point (ON/OFF) switching control of heating/cooling output depending on the current room and setpoint temperature.

  • Timer

    Timer is used for delaying commands for a specific amount of time.

  • Bit Converter

    Converts integer values to bits, which can be used for another home automation device.


  • Theme

    Visualization themes.