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Messaging node is used for connecting to SMS modem and outgoing SMTP email server.

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Device supports sending and receiving of SMS messages using a GSM modem with standard AT command set. When using a GSM modem, a valid SIM card is needed. Before inserting the SIM card into the modem, PIN verification on the SIM card should be disabled with your mobile device.


Device supports sending emails using SMTP protocol. The correct SMTP settings

should be obtained from your email provider. The device only supports the SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer Security (Explicit SLL). In this mode, the SMTP session begins on an unencrypted channel, then a STARTTLS command is issued by the client to the server to switch to secure communication using SSL. The port used for this mode is usually 587.

An alternate connection method is where an SSL session is established up front before any protocol commands are sent (Implicit SSL). This connection method is sometimes called SMTP/SSL, SMTP over SSL, or SMTPS and by default uses port 465. This alternate connection method using SSL is currently NOT supported.

Example: Gmail SMTP Settings

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