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Timer is used for delaying commands for a specific amount of time.

Timer countdown time can be set in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. Custom commands can be executed for different timer events:


Picture 1: Timer settings

Timer Commands setting contains the list of different commands used by timer. Two types of commands can be used:

Timer can be started and stopped with trigger conditions (Start Triggers and Stop Triggers). Timer can also be started and stopped, or paused and resumed, by calling the Start Timer, Stop Timer, Pause Timer, Resume Timer functions or by setting the Started or Paused values.

On End Command is executed when the timer countdown time is 0. Timer can run repeatedly until it is manually stopped by setting the Allow Restart setting.

If timer is running in case of configuration restart the On Stop Command is called. This can be used to turn OFF the devices running with timer (to prevent the devices staying ON).

Current Countdown value can be used in user interface to display the current timer status.


Example 1: Controlling a fan with a timer

  1. Create ON command (Fan = ON)
  2. Create OFF command (Fan = OFF)
  3. Optionally add Start Trigger for detecting when the Fan was switched ON manually.
  4. Optionally add Stop Trigger for detecting when the Fan was switched OFF manually.
  5. Link the On Start Command to "ON" command.
  6. Link the On Stop Command to "OFF" command. This ensures that fan is swicthed OFF in case of configuration restart.
  7. Link the On End Command to "OFF" command.
  8. Create user interface.

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