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SATEL stands for high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

bOS Satel device supports the ETHM-1 Plus interface.

To establish a connection to the Satel alarm system you first need to find and enter the IP address. The port is set to 7094 by default and should be left as it is.

Before creating the bOS configuration, the Satel system should be programmed according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Picture 1: Satel node

The Satel node contains two sub nodes(Partitions and Zones) which act as containers for partitions and zones.

Alarm Partition

Note: Create it by right clicking on Partitions subnode and selecting *Partition from the list.*

This node represents the alarm partition state. The Partition Number should be set according to your Satel configuration report.

Password should be entered, because it is required for most functions(Arm, Disarm, etc.) available under the Functions tab.

Virtual keypad for the partition can be added to frame by dragging the partition node to the theme. The keypad supports basic functions like entering user PIN, Arm and Disarm.

Partition can also be operated with functions found under the Functions tab.

Partition Picture 2: Satel partition

Alarm Zone

Note: Create it by right clicking on Zones subnode and selecting *Zone from the list.*

Node represents the alarm zone state. The Zone Number should be set according to your Satel configuration.

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