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Analog Threshold

Analog Threshold converts analog values (i.e. sensor readings) into boolean values.

Analog threshold

Picture 1: Analog threshold settings

Analog Input Value can be converted to boolean value by two _Mode_s:

False Delay and True Delay settings can be used to delay the output change. Input Value must remain below/above limit the whole period of the delay to trigger the output. Delays can be used to filter the quick changes of the input value (e.g. fast changing brightness).

Output Value can be used as a trigger in tasks. Output can be inverted with the Invert Output setting.

Thresholds (High Limit, Low Limit or Threshold) can also be set from UI via Double control. The output value can be linked to a Boolean control.

Analog threshold UI

Picture 2: Analog threshold UI


Example 1: Control lights with brightness sensor

Example 2: High temperature alert

  1. Use temperature value for Input Value.
  2. Select single threshold and set the hysteresis (e.g. 45 C, +-0.5).
  3. Optionally set False Delay and True Delay.
  4. Use "Value" as a trigger in your task, to send the alert to user.

Example 3: Calculate switch status from measured current

  1. Use current value for Input Value.
  2. Select single threshold and set the hysteresis (e.g. 0.2 A, +-0.02).
  3. Use the output Value to make a Boolean control or use it in a task (e.g. in Operating Time task to calculate the amount of time the device was switched ON).

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