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Control Philips Hue products with ComfortClick bOS and set the prefect lighting conditions for any occasion.

Philips Hue Device

bOS Hue device enables communication with the Philips Hue hub. The correct Remote IP address must be entered and Username must be registered by the system.


Picture 1: HUE node

Address can be obtained by clicking on the Configure button. If the bOS Configuration machine is on the same network as Hue hub, the Remote IP will be obtained from hue connection service.

The correct Username must be accepted by the system. Pressing next button after accepting the user name enables user registration on the hub. User can then configure network settings. After all the settings are set, user can then search HUE lights connected to the hub.


Picture 2: Finding HUE lights

For reliable connection between bOS Server and Hue hub it is advisable to set the fixed IP for the Hue hub. The Find Lights button obtains all Hue light bulbs connected to the hub. Selected devices are imported to the bOS configuration.

Hue Lamp

Hue Lamp node represents the Hue lamp connected to the system. The Hue Light Number defines the address of the lamp. User can change the lamp color, using Color in Values tab.


Picture 3: Color customization

Hue Group

Hue Group node controls a group of lamps on a HUE bridge. Currently the Hue system supports only Hue Group Number 0 (all lights). The Color value can be used in user interface or tasks. The status of the Color value represents the mix of all lamp colors on a HUE bridge.

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