New Bobcat - 10” Android Wall Panel

26. 10. 2023


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ComfortClick Remote Access

20. 06. 2023

The ultimate solution that empowers system integrators like you to access and configure your ETS and ComfortClick projects from anywhere, anytime!

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New Configuration example with Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS

7. 02. 2023

Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS is a dimming system which controls not only the artificial lighting in an environment but also the natural light. With the help of our basic driver you can use ComfortClick to connect and control all of the functionalities of the device.

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KNX Templates for different devices

21. 12. 2022

We have added a new configuration example of KNX Templates that you can use in your KNX installation.

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Ljubljana Airport new Terminal - Fraport Slovenia

9. 12. 2022

ComfortClick is controlling the new Ljubljana Airport Terminal!

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