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Would you prefer to use your own hardware? No problem, you can get just the bOS PRO License and install it on your own server.

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Included in the bOS software package: bOS Server , bOS Configurator, bOS Client for iOS, bOS Client for Android, bOS Client for Windows
bOS works with: KNX, Z-Wave, Modbus, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Samsung Smart TV,LG Smart TV, Philips Hue, IP cameras, DSC, Paradox, Satel, Kodi, Global Caché, IRTrans, TCP/IP devices, DoorBird, IFTTT, Fronius, foobot. More
Logic & Automation: Analog Log, Analog Threshold, Calculation, Counter Log, Movement Detector, Operating Time, Presence Simulator, Program, RGB Mixer, Scene, Schedule, Thermostat, Timer, Bit Converter More
GUI customization: Configurable GUI panel background (custom photos, layouts, colors, etc.), Custom colors (buttons, controls), Custom GUI icons. Video tutorial
GUI responsive design: Yes
GUI templates: Yes - Video tutorial
Users: Possibility of different user privileges setting (e.g. administrator, guest), possibility of assigning different GUI to individual users (e.g. parents / children), possibility of assigning different GUI to different devices running bOS Clinet apps (e.g. wall panel / mobile phone), possibility of Remote support user – installer can access only client configuration and not also have access to e.g. video cameras, possibility of simultaneous access for multiple users, ability to reset/remove user accounts. Video tutorial
User notifications (e.g. alerts): Email, Push notifications, SMS. Notifications are customizable. Video tutorial
Ability to work without internet: Yes
Local backup and restore procedure: Yes
Configuration export / import: Yes - Video tutorial
Sunrise / sunset time based on building location: Yes
Multi-language support for bOS Client apps system settings and notifications: Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish. Video tutorial
GUI text translations: Text translations on the buttons and controls can be done with bOS Configurator.
Geofencing: Yes (with IFTTT using RTC service) Video tutorial
Text to speech: Yes
Included users: 2
Product number: bOS 5
More about bOS: Features

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We like to be as transparent as possible and give you the possibility to make sure bOS is the right product for you before buying. You can try bOS FREE of charge for 30 days. Only then if you’re satisfied you can decide to buy the bOS PRO License or one of our servers. Here is how you get started



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