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bOS smart hotel provides the finest guest experience, room management from check-in to check-out and energy savings.


Complete room overview

bOS will enable reception staff constant overview of room status (occupied/empty), status of the lights, temperature, electrical appliances and other devices in the room. But that’s not all, hotel systems and devices can be controlled from the reception with the press of a button.

Hotel room on the sea side

bOS automation ensures 5-star comfort

bOS will keep the guests warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The room temperature automatically goes to the optimal level at the check-in time. After the guest enters the room, bOS turns the lights on and opens the drapes. bOS will also make sure the lights are turned off and temperature is adjusted when the room is empty. The only thing the guest has to do is to enjoy the stay and have a great time.

Businessman in hotel using smart room features

bOS smart hotel is energy efficient and safe

The heating / cooling automatically switches to economic level, if the guest opens the window. Alarms like SOS, water leakage... improve security, prevent damage and increase quality of hotel service.

bOS will also send alerts to the maintenance staff in case of malfunction on any of the systems.

Pool at the hotel

Smart Hotel Features

Management from check-in to check-out

Your guest in control

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