Frequently Asked Questions

ComfortClick includes both software and hardware. You can get just the bOS license from us and install it on your own hardware or you can get one of our servers which have the bOS pre-installed. We also offer Android based wall panels.

The bOS (building operating system) consists of three applications: bOS Server, bOS Configurator and bOS client for iOS, Android and Windows. bOS Server application is pre-installed on all ComfortClick Servers. Please see the system diagram below.

How bOS can control smart home devices.

Please see hardware requirements.

bOS Linux version is running on our Jigsaw and Colibri servers. The Linux version is only available together with Jigsaw and Colibri. If you get a bOS PRO license, you’ll have to install it on a Windows based PC.

bOS Server and bOS Configurator do not support OSX, however you can use our web interface on your OSX hardware to control and monitor your building. In the future we are also planning to release OSX Client app.

Our Jigsaw server has a KNX gateway integrated, so you can connect KNX directly. With our other servers you can use KNX IP pr KNX USB gateways from any KNX manufacturer.

bOS Client supports the following languages: Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish. bSO Configurator is in English.

Please use our translation tool, if you would like to include your language.

For pricing please contact our head master of sales Flavio Sanches: or Skype: flavio_comfortclick

It’s a one time payment. Monthly fee is required only for cloud service access. If you use port forwarding the monthly fee does not apply.

Yes, you can try bOS for free for 30 days, if needed we can agree to extend this period. More info on how to start.

All updates are free, usually also new versions are free of charge.

No. If you have a bigger (KNX) project you should select one of our more powerful servers e.g. Grinder Black or Sledgehammer.


Yes, the integration of different systems, for example, Sonos and KNX, is one of the core functions of ComfortClick bOS. We have preset examples, but you can use our program task to use any input as a trigger to an action, for example.

Clients can change the settings, name and icon of the scene. The basic settings of the scene are done in bOS Configurator. Learn more here.

Yes, you can use Global Cache or IRtrans IR gateways.


You can use simple programming commands such as if, than, else, etc. Usage of scripts is not supported because almost everything can be done more easily using our program task.

Yes. For more info see the tutorial video.


Yes. The layout is usually provided by the architect and then important into bOS. You can also use free online tools to create the layout such as Floorplaner.

Yes of course. You can take the photo of the room and then import it into bOS.

Yes, you can import your own icons. You can use .svg .png and .gif files.

ComfortClick is fully customizable and you have a large range of options to choose from while configuring your project. Check our tutorial videos on YouTube.


Users can use our bOS Client app for iOS, Android or Windows. System control is also possible with the voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


There are two ways:

  1. You would require public IP address and port forwarding should be enabled on your router.
  2. You can also use our cloud gateway, in this case port forwarding isn’t needed. This service is billable.

We use Microsoft Azure.

No, our products work fully offline. The internet connection is required only for remote access.

Yes, building configuration, including visualization and automation tasks, is stored locally on your server. So, even without internet connection the whole system works normally.

Yes, there is no device number or device type limitation.

Remote access with Username and Password, authentication via secure https connection. Individual visualization panels can be additionally protected with a PIN number.

KNX, Z-Wave, Modbus, BACnet, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Philips Hue, IFTTT, IP cameras, DSC, Paradox, Satel, Kodi, Global Caché, IRTrans, TCP/IP devices, Fronius, Foobot and more.

We are constantly adding support to new systems and devices. Let us know your suggestion and we’ll include it in our development plans.

Please see the BACnet video tutorial.

The control for LG and Samsung is over IP.


Currently we support Satel, Paradox and DSC. Check the full list of supported devices.

We have an example of Doorbird integration, which includes full integration except the audio. Integration of SIP based intercoms is under development.

Not yet but you can interact with NEST via IFTTT or our Basic driver.

SIRI integration is included in our development plans and will be available in the future.

You can integrate Loxone via their API and our Basic driver.

Paradox EVO is supported, but only via PRT3 module for now. In the future we will also support IP150, if Paradox will release an appropriate SDK.

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