bOS is really easy to work with and we offer a lot of different free support tools such as knowledge base, videos and forum. In case these aren't enough for you, you can decide for our on-demand support which can be billable, depending on the type of help you need. By buying support package in advance you'll get priority support directly from one of our qualified technicians.

What kind of on-demand support can you get?

  1. bOS configuration support – you would like to implement a specific feature in bOS but you’re not sure how to do it or you just don’t know how to work with bOS.
  2. bOS Licensing – license transfers, license re-activations, modifications, etc.
  3. ComfortClick Hardware – if you need help with our hardware (servers and wall panels).
  4. Integration of 3rd party systems & devices – you need to control and monitor a specific device which is currently not supported by bOS. No problem, we can help with the integration.
  5. General Technical Question – you have a general question about our products and you can’t find the answer in our knowledge base.
Payable support Non-payable support
Response time: up to 2 working days (1) up to 10 days (2)
Remote support: Yes No
Skype support: Yes No
Type of support:
  • Integration of 3rd party systems & devices
  • bOS configuration support (5)
  • bOS Licensing
  • ComfortClick Hardware (3)
  • General Technical question (4)

  1. Within 2 working days we’ll provide an answer to the issue or define further steps (e.g. schedule remote support)
  2. If the issue is solvable with our existing support tools (knowledge base, videos, examples, etc.) we’ll provide the link to the appropriate support tool. If the issue requires more advanced support (e.g. remote support), this support would be billable.
  3. If the hardware is still in warranty.
  4. If we can reply to the question by linking an answer on one of our support tools.
  5. In case we determine an issue was the result of a software bug, the support is free of charge.
  6. Support hours are valid for the period of 12 months after the date of purchase.

Support Tickets

Purchase Support Time

1 Hour Support

60 EUR (excl. VAT)

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3 Hour Support

150 EUR (excl. VAT)

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5 Hour Support

225 EUR (excl. VAT)

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10 Hour Support

400 EUR (excl. VAT)

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License Transfer

20 EUR (excl. VAT)

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