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Z-Wave is a wireless communications standard that can be used for automation of existing buildings.

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Z-Wave is a wireless communications standard. The technology uses a low-power RF radio embedded or retrofitted into building electronic devices and systems. Currently, there are nearly 1000 different Z-Wave products that all work together so you can choose the products that are right for your project. The main benefits of Z-Wave are: it is easy to install, it does not require any rewiring - (no new wires!), any product with Z-Wave on the box works with any other, it is affordable - get started with minimum investment and easily add on more products, it is reliable, it has been on the market for over ten years, it is secure - same encryption as online banking, there are lots of choices - styles, price points, colors, etc., there already are over 20 million products in homes worldwide, Z-Wave is used by the biggest brand names, 9 out of 10 leading security companies use it. You can find all device information on Z-Wave Products. Z-Wave software along with the devices is great for home automation in old (existing) buildings.

The Z-Wave driver on ComfortClick bOS enables whole building integration, control, and automation (usage examples). The driver is compatible with Z-Wave Gateways, Z-Wave USB sticks, or ComfortClick's Colibri Z-Wave server with integrated Z-Wave gateway. It allows the fast creation of beautiful Z-Wave visualization themes with an unlimited number of visualization panels using bOS Z-Wave software. The Z-Wave functionality can be upgraded with bOS logical operations and tasks. Additional bOS supported devices can be integrated with the Z-Wave system to create a true smart house experience.

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