Visit us on Home Fair

5. 03. 2014

Between 11th and 16th March in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Visit us on ENERGOTAB

14. 09. 2013

One of the biggest exhibitions for electrical installations in Poland.


ComfortClick bOS 2.2.0 released today!

18. 07. 2013

This new version offers a list of exciting new features like IP door phone integration, Modbus and more.


Support for IRTrans and SMA Technology

12. 12. 2012

We have extended ComfortClick bOS support to IRTrans and SMA Solar Technology devices.


New strategic alliance partner: Global Caché

13. 07. 2012

ComforClick bOS supports Global Caché’s devices which enables simple and fast integration of any IR controlled device (e.g. TV, audio system, DVD player, etc.).


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