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Integration of NetAtmo weather station

Author: NEON Multimedia


With the NetAtmo Smart Home Weather Station and its accessories, measure, analyze, and understand your indoor and outdoor environment to adapt to your daily life and optimize your comfort at home. The example provides the Integration of NetAtmo weather station into bOS using HTTP driver.

All you need to do is enter the values for strings in the "Settings" section of the device, and you will immediately get the values from one indoor and one outdoor module (which is the typical starter package setup.) If you have more stations and/or modules then you can easily access them by just duplicating the existing values under the "Weather Station" query and changing the instance number in their "Token name."

For example: default indoor temperature value = body.devices[0].dashboard_data.Temperature

indoor temperature value for next weather station = body.devices[1].dashboard_data.Temperature

and for modules:

temperature of first module of first station = body.devices[0].modules[0].dashboard_data.Temperature

secondary module of first station = body.devices[0].modules[1].dashboard_data.Temperature

In this bOS file, there is no graphical element, so you have to create a panel and drag-and-drop the values into it. Client ID and Client Secret are required and you can create them on:



August 23, 2023

Is this integration still working for anyone?

December 29, 2022

First, thank you for the contribution.
On the web: I have not seen the way to get the token, Client ID and Client Secret.
Could you please explain how to proceed?

Thank you


March 18, 2022

I can't connect my netatmo weather station to my jigsaw, can someone help me??

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