Euphoria Resort - Hotel in Chania Crete, Greece

This 5-star, 287-room, premium family resort on the Greek island Crete was implemented by Vlassakis Advanced Solution. The fully customized ComfortClick’s bOS graphical user interface (GUI) provides the hotel administration team a quick and effective overview of the whole complex at a glance. The whole system is centrally managed by ComfortClick’s Sledgehammer server.


Chania, Crete - Greece

The resort is located in Chania on the Crete Island in Greece.


  • KNX for lighting, sockets status, shades control
  • Modbus for AC temperature control


The main goal was to use cutting-edge technology to create a pleasant resort experience for both guests, that can enjoy the highest levels of comfort, and hotel employees that can easily check the building status. Even though it was categorized as a large project, including a total of 287 suites plus the managerial room, it took less than two weeks to be completely configured.


From the administration user profile the management team can easily see information regarding:

  • Room occupancy
  • Room light status
  • Sockets that are being used
  • Cleaning room requests
  • Room temperature


Most of the room’s visualization is intended for overview by the resort administration team and this is what makes this project unique: the fully customized GUI and bOS’ ability to handle complex scenes and tasks. The customization includes:

  • customized GUI navigation
  • specific background pictures for each room
  • photo of the actual resort as managerial background
  • room vacancy status
  • room cleaning requests alerts

The room photos were used as backgrounds to enable the most intuitive control. The navigation menu positioned on the bottom of the panel provides a quick access to the different sector of the resort.

Sledgehammer Server

The project specifications included an average of 28 KNX devices per room, in a total of 287 rooms. Together with 2 Modbus data seats for AC controlling.

For controlling and automation of the whole project, Vlassakis Advanced Solution chose the Sledgehammer server. Sledgehammer is powerful, agile, and easy to handle, being the best option for BIG projects like Euphoria Resort.