Case Studies

Automated air dome sports’ arena in Finland equipped with automatic lighting, heating regulation, air pressure, fan speed, smoke detection, energy consumption monitoring and video surveillance (IP cameras). All this centrally managed by Jigsaw Controller.

60 apartments units equipped with the best for efficient monitoring and control, all centrally managed with Sledgehammer Controller.

The energy self-sustainable apartment complex of Debeli Rtic includes 10 apartment units, concierge’s office common swimming pool and lawn with helipad. All centrally managed with a Sledgehammer Controller.

Metal-Cinkara performs galvanizing services for Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Bosnian area. ComfortClick system was installed in an administrative building which includes business offices and 10 apartment units for employees who are not permanently living in Serbia and come only for a few days. All centrally managed with the Sledgehammer Controller.

IAM is a faculty for multimedia education. Its mission is the development and management of media education programs. This project is centrally managed by a Sledgehammer Controller.

Equipped with Jung’s KNX installation and controlled by ComfortClick bOS software, the project was the first in Central and South America to obtain LEED v4 Platinum certification.

This smart 4.000-9.000 square feet villa / duplex apartment project was implemented by Venbatech India with a fully customized ComfortClick’s bOS graphical user interface (GUI) which provides the most unique experience. The whole system is centrally managed by Jigsaw Z-Wave server.

This 5-star, 287-room, premium family resort on the Greek island Crete was implemented by Vlassakis Advanced Solution. The fully customized ComfortClick’s bOS graphical user interface (GUI) provides the hotel administration team a quick and effective overview of the whole complex at a glance. The whole system is centrally managed by ComfortClick’s Sledgehammer server.