Download Examples

We have an extensive library of various bOS configuration examples. Select your heating pump, AC, TV or almost any other device and import it to your smart building configuration. We also encourage all system integrators and DIYs to add their own examples to ComfortClick library.

Here is how you add an example:

  1. Export your configuration example from bOS Configurator
  2. Submit it for review
  3. We’ll add the example to ComfortClick Examples library
  4. For your next purchase you get a special discount.
  • Demo projects are examples of whole smart building configuration. They include real life examples of both residential and commercial buildings.
  • GUI templates are examples of different visualization design. bOS GUI can be fully customized. You can use your own colors, icons, backgrounds and photos. Here you can find some already made design templates.
  • In order to speed up the configuration process we have prepared an extensive configuration library of different devices and tasks. Here you can find configuration examples of specific HVAC devices, TCP devices, logic, tasks...
  • Home

    Home demo project contains many examples of bOS features which can be used for residential houses or apartments.

  • Office

    Example of bOS Configuration for small office with various features including office logic and tasks.

  • Jung Template

    Stylish black template as alternative to our default brighter GUI.

  • JUNG Demo

    Home demo project with stylish black template and JUNG icons.

  • Analog Log

    Analog Log stores analog values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Analog Threshold

    Analog Threshold converts analog values (i.e. sensor readings) into boolean values.

  • Bit Converter

    Converts integrer values to bits, which can be used for another home automation device.

  • Calculation

    Calculation performs mathematical operations. Result can be used for further building automation.

  • Counter Log

    Counter Log stores counter values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Movement Detector

    Movement Detector is used for operating lighting based on user movement.

  • Operating Time

    Operating Time measures the time a device has been turned ON.

  • Presence Simulator

    Presence Simulator simulates building's occupancy by randomly switching different lights ON and OFF.

  • Program

    Program executes custom logical operations. Useful for custom automation processes.

  • RGB Mixer

    RGB Mixer converts color value into three color values: red, green and blue.

  • Scene

    Scene is used for setting a group of values. Typical example are lighting scenes for different occasions (party, romantic dinner).

  • Schedule

    Schedule contains a list of commands that can be executed at preset time.

  • Thermostat

    Thermostat is used for 2-point (ON/OFF) switching control of heating/cooling output depending on the current room and setpoint temperature.

  • Timer

    Timer is used for delaying commands for a specific amount of time.

  • White Template

    bOS white and blue template.

  • Parsing weather data

    Displaying current weather information using HTTP driver

  • Regex parsing

    Regex parsing example using Basic driver

  • IP cameras

    Multiple IP cameras with separate panels

  • DSC alarm

    DSC alarm with partition alerts and panel

  • Systemair ventilation unit

    Integration of Systemair ventilation unit via Modbus

  • Z-wave and KNX link

    KNX switch link with Z-wave light

  • Control SONOS from KNX

    Using program tasks to control SONOS using KNX

  • Configuration and controlling multiple devices

    AC, Audio device and TV controlled using Global Cache driver

  • Controlling TV device

    Configuration and controlling TV

  • Hue

    Hue bulbs color control

  • Brightness tweak

    Controlling brightness using variables

  • Demultiplexer

    Forwarding input value to selected outputs using demultiplexer

  • Adjustable pulse

    Generating adjustable pulse on the output

  • Linear scaler

    Scaling input value to different range of numeric values

  • Multiplexer

    Selecting input and forwarding it to output

  • Loop counter

    Increasing/decreasing counter value on every pulse

  • Pulse width modulation

    Converting analog input value into pulsing signal

  • Foobot

    Monitoring air quality

  • Elsner P03/3 Weather station

    Integration of Elsner weather station via Modbus

  • IntesisBox DK-AC-MBS-1

    Integration of IntesisBox DK-AC-MBS-1 via Modbus

  • IntesisBox DK-RC-MBS-1

    Integration of IntesisBox DK-RC-MBS-1 via Modbus

  • Saia Burgess 1-phase electric meter

    Integration of Saia Burgess 1-phase electric meter

  • Saia Burgess 3-phase electric meter

    Integration of Saia Burgess 3-phase electric meter

  • Siemens Sentron PAC3100

    Integration of Siemens Sentron PAC3100

  • Solar Edge

    Integration Solar Edge inverter

  • APC Smart SMT UPS

    Integration of APC Smart SMT

  • Westaflex WAC 351

    Integration of WAC 351 ventilation unit

  • Eastron SDM630

    Integration of Eastron SDM630 smart meter

  • Daikin RTD-NET

    Integration of Daikin RTD-NET

  • Driveway door control frame with camera

    Custom frame for controlling driveway doors with live camera snapshots.

  • KNX Electricity Meter

    Example of KNX eletricity meter integration.

  • EASTRON SDM530CT Energy Meter

    Integration of Eastron SDM530CT energy meter.

  • IFTTT integration

    Tutorial on how to integrate bOS and IFTTT by using bOS RPC service

  • bOS Android widget using IFTTT

    Use IFTTT to create an (IF) "Button widget" to run a (THAT) "Webhook" and call a bOS scene through the RPC