Tiny Smart Home Merges High-Tech & Off-the-Grid Living

A portable 60m2 smart home that takes just 90 minutes to set up.

Project name: The Space by iOhouse

Project location: Northern Europe (Sweden)

Property size: 60m2 plus 2 balconies on both sides 13.5m2

ComfortClick Products: Jigsaw KNX

Technology Used

KNX, TCP/IP, and IP Cameras controlled via bOS software:

About the Project

The Space by iOhouse

A luxury fully off-grid living space for people who value privacy, design, and nature. All the utilities you need are integrated and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating, and Wi-Fi. Through the bOS app, the resident can monitor and manage his living experience. The SPACE by iOhouse offers you the most advanced conveniences of modern life with the smallest ecological footprint.

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Project Objectives

The SPACE is designed for easy moving and adaptability with high-tech home automation. “No contracts. No obligations.”- the goal is to give people the freedom to live wherever they want and move whenever they need, and at the same time preserving the nature around us.

Project Description

The SPACE by iOhouse is a perfect blend of technology and art. The company combined the tranquility of nature with the comfort that comes with technology using our bOS software. Almost everything in the mobile home is automated and the home itself can be moved and set up in just 90 minutes.

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Advantages of the tiny smart home

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