ComfortClick QATAR TWIN DOME - for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

QATAR TWIN DOME - for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

ComfortClick is part of the FIFA 2022 World Cup! We are controlling the 2 inflatable domes covering 2 football fields used by England team for training practice.

Project name:  DBS Smart Air Dome Qatar

Project Location: Qatar

Property size: 3600 m²

ComfortClick Products: Grinder Black

Technology Used

KNX was used for: 


Modbus was used for:

IP cameras were used for video surveillance.

About the Project

The twin dome is part of a hotel complex and is situated on a sandy beach, only 200 metres away from the main hotel complex where the England team is staying during the World Cup. The Three Lions are staying at the Souq Al-Wakra hotel. It’s a five-star beach resort which offers spa facilities and several restaurants where the players can relax in between matches.

They will be able to access the training centre on foot and enjoy the climate-controlled training centre, where they can work on their World Cup strategy and prepare for the biggest games.

The project was implemented by a leading inflatable airdromes manufacturer and ComfortClick’s close partner DBS Engineering ( This is a special DBS Plus dome, where two identical domes are connected to each other via a special tunnel, thus making it a twin dome. Besides exhibiting very good thermal conductivity properties, the air DBS Plus dome membrane is made of premium materials, that can withstand Qatar’s extreme climate conditions

Project Objectives

Maintain constant twin dome air pressure

An important objective of the project was to prevent a breakdown of the air dome in the case of a power outage. For this reason, an emergency generator was connected to the emergency ventilation system. If the internal pressure sensor was to detect a critical drop in the air pressure, the generator would turn to power the emergency ventilation system which would prevent the collapse of the air dome.

Temperature control

The temperature in the twin dome is automatically regulated based on the data from the internal temperature sensors. In case of any malfunction on the cooling units, automatic alerts (email, push notifications) are sent to the maintenance team.

Lighting control

The schedule can be set for lighting based on the occupancy of the twin dome.

Energy consumption monitoring

Electricity consumption can be checked at any time. Also, past data can be analysed and alerts sent out in case energy consumption exceeded predefined thresholds.

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