Jigsaw Server controlling a Passive House

A detached single-family house in Constanta, Romania is now controlled by ComfortClick’s Jigsaw.

Project name: Passive House

Project location: Constanta, Romania

Property size: 142 m²

ComfortClick Products: Jigsaw

Technology Used

KNX for:

Project Objective

The main objective of the project was to monitor all consumption of electrical energy and balance it. Moreover, the main objective was to also control other KNX devices such as lights, sockets, pumps, blinds, ventilation, sensors, and similar.

About the Project

The project incorporates the KNX automation system with ComfortClick Jigsaw server and visualization which monitors all energy consumption and balances electrical energy consumption. The control of Venetian blinds is assisted by a weather station, according to which the window blinds are moving to permit the sunlight in the winter and to keep the shades on in the summer. The LED lights that save energy are installed throughout the whole house. The dimmable and tunable lights are also controlled in terms of brightness and light temperature ranging from 2000 K to 6500 K.

Additionally, by changing color temperature and illuminance levels, human-centric lighting (HCL) simulates the course of natural daylight. It supports the human circadian rhythm, which has a positive effect on health. Bathrooms and corridors are provided with motion sensors. Other rooms have presence sensors installed, which helps to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

The image below is the visualization setup.

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