Smart Apartment Building Mariino Residents

44 apartment units in the most prestigious part of Tallinn, Estonia, equipped with the best devices for efficient monitoring and control, all centrally managed with ComfortClick Z-Wave Gateway.

Project name: Mariino Residents

Project location: Tallinn, Estonia

Number of apartment units: 44

Apartment unit size: 47,8 - 93,9 m² 


  • Z-Wave Fibaro for underfloor heating control
  • Komfovent ventilation integrated via Modbus
  • Mitsubishi cooling integrated via Modbus 
  • ComfortClick ComfortClick Z-Wave gateway for smart home visualization, control, and automation

  • ComfortClick Products: ComfortClick Z-Wave gateway for each apartment unit

    Project Objectives

    The main objective was to get a nice looking GUI and reliable smart home system in the building. The investor wanted every technical part of the apartment (heating, cooling, ventilation, consumption meters, intercom) to be controlled from one place and easily manageable.


    The project was implemented by the regional engineering firm INDOME OÜ from Tallinn, Estonia. ComfortClick’s Z-Wave gateway was selected as a central controlling unit for the smart apartments. 

    ComfortClick Z-Wave gateway integrated the following systems:

    ComfortClick’s iOS and Android apps enable monitoring and control of each apartment via different mobile devices. Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home is also possible. 

    The future apartment owners can integrate additional Z-Wave devices as they expand their smart home. 

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