Apartment Building Europe Palace

60 apartment units equipped with the best devices for efficient monitoring and control, all centrally managed by a Sledgehammer Controller.

Project name: Apartment Building Europe Palace

Project location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Number of apartment units: 60

Apartment size: ~100m²

ComfortClick Products: Sledgehammer

Technology Used

About the Project

With ComfortClick Sledgehammer it was possible to enable remote building control and automation tasks (schedules, scenes, data logging, etc.). In order to obtain the best efficiency for monitoring and control, the building was divided into three sections:

All three sections were equipped with an automation system based on KNX standard.

Apartments with "Worry Free" System

Each apartment is an independent KNX system, connected to the Sledgehammer via IP KNX interface. This kind of architecture enables the use of data from common sensors (weather station) for individual apartment units and efficient two-way messaging (e.g. alerts send to the concierge and general notifications send to the user such as reminder for owners meeting). It also enables stand-alone operation of individual systems (e.g. apartment lighting) not making them depended on the Sledgehammer. In practice this means that in case of any malfunction on the Sledgehammer, the users will still be able to turn on/off the lights and lower/raise the shades with the KNX switch.

Monitoring and Privacy

Parking garage and common areas are also connected to the Sledgehammer via KNX IP interface. Both unit owners and concierge have access to the individual apartment graphical user interface, whereas only concierge has access to the parking garage system and common areas system. IP door phone system is controlled with bOS Phone Android app.

Remotely Configuration and Upgrades

The maintenance and upgrades of configuration of all three sections can be done remotely by either ComfortClick or concierge.

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