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RBN Teknik


Kagami Restaurant, Malmö, Sweden

Smart restaurant

Restaurant automation

Kagami Restaurant is a high end Japanese restaurant. Kagami means mirror in Jap-anese, which is reflected in the design of the restaurant where all the walls and ceil-ing is made out of mirrors, creating a "infinity" effect in the room.

Integrated systems:

  • KNX
  • DSC
  • Modbus TCP

System monitoring and control is done from the computer in the reception with bOS home automation software: lighting, alarm system, ventilation system, gas and the waterfall from the ceiling in the bathroom used for wash the hands. The central com-puter is also used to handle reservations.

bOS enables (among other) the following features:

  • Preset lighting scenarios, for example cleaning, preparations, dinner service etc.
  • Ventilation system is controlled through the presence detectors of the alarm system - the ventilation is shut off if no one is in the restaurant or if the alarm is activated. Modbus TCP integrated in the ventilation system together with DSC alarm system made this really cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Error messages from ventilation, sewage pumps etc. are all displayed onvia bOS. Emails are automatically sent to the company which is in charge of the systems.
  • When the alarm is deactivated the lighting automatically turns on in a preset scenario, and turns off when the alarm is activated again. If the alarm is trig-gered the lights start flashing and if a fire alarm is triggered the gas gets auto-matically shut off and all the lights turn on to 100% to evacuate the restaurant.
  • The waterfall in the bathroom is also triggered through the KNX system by a presence sensor connected to the alarm system.