Metal-Cinkara administrative building

Metal-Cinkara performs galvanizing services for Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Bosnian area. ComfortClick system was installed in an administrative building which includes business offices and 10 apartment units for employees who are not permanently living in Serbia and come only for a few days. All centrally managed with the Sledgehammer Controller.


Inđija, Serbia

This administrative building is in Inđija, located in the region of Syrmia, the province of Vojvodina.


  • KNX for apartment unit automation (with KNX room controllers) including lightening, shades, fan coils and access control.
  • KNX for server room monitoring and automation.
  • KNX for whole building HVAC and shades automation.


The main objective with Metal-Cinkara project was building energy efficiency.

Shades automation

The shades are automatically lowered and raised according to the data received from the weather station (outdoor illumination and temperature). Example: during the summer the shades in the offices on the side of the building where there is direct sunlight will go down, thus enabling air conditioning energy savings. Since there are a lot of glass surfaces on the building the energy savings are substantial.

Energy savings with automation of apartment units

The lighting and HVAC in apartment units are automatically controlled according to the occupancy of the apartment. Each apartment unit has several modes depending on weather somebody is using it or not: “Empty” (the HVAC is in protection mode), “in use” (normal HVAC operation), “in use but currently empty” (HVAC is in saving mode) and “in preparation” (the user is coming the next day – HVAC is in saving mode)”. Different modes are switched by the administrator or automatically with the access card. Each user has its own access card. The automation tasks for lighting and HVAC are performed in regard to weather the card is in the card holder or not. When the user opens the window the HVAC automatically switches to protection mode – the lowest intensity of operation.