IAM - Institute and Academy of Multimedia

IAM is a faculty for multimedia education. Its mission is the development and management of media education programs. This project is centrally managed by a Sledgehammer Controller.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Institute and Academy of Multimedia (IAM) is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, largest city and one of Europe's greenest and most livable capitals.


  • KNX for lighting, motor drives (projection screen) and ventilation (integration of Belimo ventilation system).
  • DSC alarm system integration.
  • ACTi video surveillance system integration.
  • Projector integration with Global Caché network


The main objective with IAM project was automation of filming studios and lecture rooms.

Filming studios

Each filming studio (total 5) in IAM includes more than 50 individual lights, which are used to set the optimal conditions for the filming. We prepared several customizable scene buttons for each studio, thus enabling the users to set the lighting scenes for a particular filming by themselves. Instead of having to manually press a few tens of buttons, users need to press just one or two buttons to create the right lighting conditions.

Lecture rooms

With one button, lecturer can lower the projection screen, turn on projector, audio system and dim the lights in the lecture room.