Custom GUI for smart home

Smart Home Visualization Themes

Design your own custom GUI. Choose your favorite colors, use your own icons, use room photos as backgrounds or the layout of your smart home as a canvas for your buttons. bOS Configurator is our free application for your system configuration. It makes the process of designing your GUI simple and fun. If you don’t have time to play around with the GUI you can choose your design from our extensive free library of templates, icons and backgrounds.

bOS supports fully customizable smart home visualizations (Themes) that fit on any mobile device. Themes contain visualization panels which can be used to display an automatic layout (frames) or a floor plan layout (freely positioned controls).

Free positioning

Use the layout of your smart home, office or hotel and freely position your individual controls on the layout. You can also take a photo of your living room and use this as a canvas to position your buttons. In both cases bOS ensures the most intuitive control.

Smart home on iPad
Smart Living Room on iPad

Automatic positioning

If you want to do your configuration really quickly, use the automatic positioning. Just drag & drop individual controls and their size will be automatically adjusted within the frame.

Posotion of controls in smart bedroom
Smart kitchen on phone

Design your custom GUI

Venbatech example lower level Venbatech example family room

Use your own branding

Building visualisation Lasnet