Smart building app on tablet

Logic and Tasks

bOS enables the simplest building automation system configuration you'll ever see! Design complex automation tasks, logic, schedules, scenes in just minutes. Configuration is done with bOS Configurator. No scripts needed. Use the wizard in bOS Configurator and design anything from simple scenes to advanced system automation.

  • Analog Log

    Analog Log stores analog values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Analog Threshold

    Analog Threshold converts analog values (i.e. sensor readings) into boolean values.

  • Calculation

    Calculation performs mathematical operations. Result can be used for further building automation.

  • Counter Log

    Counter Log stores counter values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Movement Detector

    Movement Detector is used for operating lighting based on user movement.

  • Operating Time

    Operating Time measures the time a device has been turned ON.

  • Presence Simulator

    Presence Simulator simulates building's occupancy by randomly switching different lights ON and OFF.

  • Program

    Program executes custom logical operations. Useful for custom automation processes.

  • RGB Mixer

    RGB Mixer converts color value into three color values: red, green and blue.

  • Scene

    Scene is used for setting a group of values. Typical example are lighting scenes for different occasions (party, romantic dinner).

  • Schedule

    Schedule contains a list of commands that can be executed at preset time.

  • Thermostat

    Thermostat is used for 2-point (ON/OFF) switching control of heating/cooling output depending on the current room and setpoint temperature.

  • Timer

    Timer is used for delaying commands for a specific amount of time.

  • Bit Converter

    Converts integer values to bits, which can be used for another home automation device.