How to Start?

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1. Register on our web page

Fill in the registration form with your data and create your ComfortClick user account.

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2. Download and install bOS

Install bOS Server, bOS Configurator and bOS Client for Windows. You can install bOS applications on your PC or get a Controller (Jigsaw, Grinder, Sledgehammer) with preinstalled bOS from us.

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3. Get bOS Apps from Google play and App Store

Install bOS Client for Android or bOS Client for iOS on your mobile devices.

Google play
Apple store
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4. Register your Controller

Open your bOS Configurator and press the Register button above your license info. You’ll get a fully functional FREE LICENSE without any time limitation. More about licensing.

Register building automation controller
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5. Get the Demo Project

Download the demo project and open it by clicking on the Restore button from the top right menu in bOS Configurator This is the easiest way to start learning how to work with bOS.

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6. Set-up your configuration

Use bOS Configurator to set-up your project configuration. Design your own GUI, use your own backgrounds, colors and icons or choose from extensive icon library and different templates.

Smart home (bOS) configurator
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7. Use our support tools

bOS is very easy to use, but if you need more help, use our manuals, knowledge base, forum, etc.

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8. Buy ComfortClick products

When you’ll see that bOS is exactly what you need, you can buy one of our Controllers or just the bOS license.