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Alexa Quick Setup Guide

1. Register on our web page

Fill in the registration form with your data and create your ComfortClick user account.

2. Download and install bOS

3. Connect to your bOS Server with Configurator and register it

Please read the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th section of this manual: bOS Configurator Manual

4. Make bOS Server accessible from the public IP address

bOS Server have to receive Alexa commands from the outside of your network. Please see bOS Server Manual on how to open ports.

NOTE: this step is not needed if you have setup gateway with ComfortClick.

5. Set public address for your bOS Server

Open your license ("Edit" button in Configurator under Building -> Settings -> License) and set the Public Address field.
When you are done, please click a "Refresh" button in Configurator. The "Public Address" field should display your public address.

NOTE: this step is not needed if you have setup gateway with ComfortClick.

6. Add the device which you want to control with Alexa

For this example, we will create a virtual light. Under the Tasks node, add Boolean variable and name it "VirtualLight".

7. Create Alexa appliance and link it with device

Select node Building -> General -> API -> Alexa and add Appliances device. Under that device add Appliance device and name it "Light".
You must also enter Name property as "Light" and set the ON/OFF Reference to previously created virtual light.

8. Link Alexa with bOS

Enable our skill ComfortClick bOS Smart Home from Alexa Skills store. | Amazon UK | Amazon DE
On the authorization page, make sure you select the correct Controller and leave the Group Name as default value (Appliances).
Grant the permission and you should see the message "Alexa has been successfully linked with ComfortClick bOS Smart Home".

9. Discover devices and test it

Start discovery process in Alexa app. The device Light should appear under Your Devices in the Smart Home section of Alexa app.
You may now say "Alexa turn on the Light." and the VirtualLight in bOS should change its value to True.

Our virtual light named Light is shown in Alexa App.

Value of the VirtualLight changes.