Smart Homeswitch


Croatia, Split

Homeswitch is a sister brand of Kacavida, a company from Split focusing on modern solutions integration. Homeswitch is specifically dedicated to KNX and smart home system installations.

Our goals Together with costs optimization and home efficiency maximization, our goal is to create and implement custom-made smart home solutions for your home and office. The products we offer are designed to coordinate well with your existing interior design.

Our way of working

HOME OR OFFICE INSPECTION In the inspection phase, we listen to our clients’ wishes and demands, but we also present all the benefits and characteristics of smart systems. We present existing solutions and their prices, and suggest the best ones for our clients’ based on their budget.

PLANNING The planning phase is when we plan and develop the project, according to what was agreed upon. We decide on the design of controllers, switches, thermostats, audio equipment, etc. We also coordinate all contractors that work on the smart system integration.

EXECUTION The final phase includes smart system integration and programming according to our clients’ needs, together with our guidance and suggestions.

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