Smart Dilight-Smart Solutions

Dilight-Smart Solutions

Israel, Petah Tikva

DiLight has been in the smart electricity and lighting control market for about 10 years. The company has many commercial and public projects.

DiLight is based on professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field of control and smart electricity, with years of experience and thousands of projects - in private homes, public buildings, shopping centers, schools, malls, and more.

DiLight was established to make smart home systems accessible to a wider population and to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits that the system offers.

A wide range and range of solutions combined with price reductions allow us today to offer every apartment or house, old or new, existing or under construction a smart home solution at attractive and competitive prices.

variety of possibilities Our ability to offer a wide range of options for every budget and every situation, allows us to reach every customer and tailor the right suit for him. With all this, we do not compromise on the quality of the products which are carefully selected, inspected, and tested before installation and purchase, on the quality of service, and above all on the reliability.

DiLight only works with open standards that allow the customer security for years over the fact that he is not tied to a particular company or provider.

The devices we work with are:

KNX standard for new homes or renovations (the most common infrastructural solution in the world). Z-WAVE standard for existing homes. SHELLY standard for existing homes. Expertise and experience

DiLight is an expert in the following areas:

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