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bOS will make your home a safe and comfortable haven.


One universal platform where all devices are working together offers a limitless number of different possibilities. Your imagination is the only limitation. Below are just a few examples:

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Remote control of your lights, heating/cooling/air-conditioning, shades, alarm, home theater, multimedia, energy consumption, etc. from any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)

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Logical operations - if this happens, do that (e.g. when you leave home bOS will turn off the lights, lower the shades, reduce heating, turn off electrical sockets and activate presence simulation)

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Schedules – do something (e.g. raise shades) at 7’o clock every day from Monday to Friday

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Scenes – design different scenes (lighting, shades) for different occasions (romantic dinner, Friday party, etc.)

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Data logging – monitor your energy consumption (electricity, water and gas)

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Presence simulator – make it look like you are at home even when the house is empty

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Operating time – measure how long a device was turned on

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Text-to-speech – bOS can speak and tell you about different things going on in and around your home.

Recommended Controller:

For apartment and small residential house: Jigsaw

For average - large residential house: Grinder

Recommended systems:

For renovations or new buildings: KNX, DSC, IP Cameras, XBMC, Global Cache, Sonos

For existing buildings: Z-Wave, Wireless IP Cameras, Global Cache, Sonos, Philips Hue

Practical Examples

Smart home lighting color


ComfortClick bOS enables you to choose your favorite platform for handling your smart home system. You can control your smart lighting via any device capable of running Windows, iOS or Android platform.


Dimming control enables simple adjustments of the illumination in the room. You can change the illumination from 0 % – 100 % with 10% stages using an attractive GUI slider.

ComfortClick bOS enables dimming of the following lamp types:

  • Incandescent lights
  • Halogen lights
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Dimmable energy saving bulbs
  • Fluorescent tubes

Lighting automation

Your smart lighting can be integrated in various automated tasks. The possibilities are almost limitless. Below are some of the most frequently used features:

  • Outdoor lighting and indoor decorative lighting (e.g. LED stripes) automatically turns on at sunset and turns off at a preset time (e.g. 23.00).
  • Lights can be automatically controlled according to data received from indoor and outdoor illumination sensors. Combined with dimmable lights, this feature enables constant illumination conditions in the smart building regardless of the weather and time of the day.  
  • By switching to away mode (when turning the alarm on) all the lights in the building will turn off.

Lighting scenes

ComfortClick bOS enables you to set just the right mood for any occasion (romantic dinner, movie night, party mode). You can set the lighting scenes yourself and change them as many times as you want.

RGB mixer

Choose your color of the day by using RGB mixer control. RGB Mixer is used for converting color value into three analog variables: red, green and blue.

Smart building HVAC

Control and monitoring

ComfortClick bOS enables you to control your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning via any device with iOS, Android or Windows platform.

HVAC automation

To ensure the highest level of comfort, ComfortClick bOS automatically regulates temperature and air quality in the smart building.. ComfortClick bOS enables considerable energy savings with HVAC automation:

  • HVAC system is automatically regulated according to the current indoor and outdoor temperature and occupancy of the building.
  • Air conditioning is automatically turned off if the user opens a window.
  • Zone heating enables optimal temperatures in individual rooms according to the type of that room.

Temperature data logging

ComfortClick bOS can store the indoor and outdoor temperature values and display them in graphs for any chosen period.

Smart home shades


Control your blinds, shutters or curtains via any device running Android, iOS or Windows platform.


Shades scenes

Move 2, 3 or 10 shades in the room to their desirable positions by press of only one button. You can set different scenes with your favorite mobile device and change them as many times as you need.

Shades automation

No more irritating lowering of each shade individually during the evening and raising them in the morning. ComfortClick bOS will do it instead of you according to:

  • sunrise and sunset
  • data from outdoor illumination sensors
  • schedules which can be set by the end-user

Shades automation also enables energy savings. Normally shades are automatically lowered when users leave home (additional thermal insulation and burglary protection), however if your smart home detects that the sun is shining (during winter) it will raise the shades and use the heat from the sun to warm up the building.

Alarm control in smart home

Increase your safety and shake off some of everyday worries. ComfortClick bOS monitors your house also when you are away and sends automatic alerts via text message or email.


Control and monitoring

Arm or disarm the alarm with your favorite mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows) from anywhere.



If the alarm is triggered, ComfortClick bOS will send text message and/or email informing you exactly in which room movement was detected.


Water Leakage

If the water sensor detects water leakage ComfortClick bOS will notify you with SMS and/or email while simultaneously closing the main water valve thus preventing any possible damage.

Movement detection sensors

You can use the same movement detection sensors for burglar detection and switching the lights on and off. During the away mode movement detection sensors function as alarm sensors. When the alarm is disarmed the same sensors control the lights.


  • When the alarm is armed ComfortClick bOS will automatically turn off all the lights, electrical sockets and reduce heating or air-conditioning.
  • If the alarm is triggered ComfortClick bOS will raise the shades a siren will start beeping and lights will begin to flash.

Presence simulator

While you’re away ComfortClikc bOS will randomly switch different lights on and off, thus creating an illusion someone is at home even when the house is empty. This way ComfortClick bOS will discourage potential burglars. bOS will activate presence simulator when you leave home. After sunset the presence simulator will start turning on and off the lights and continue doing so until 24.00 (or any other time).

Camera on building automation software

Check your cameras and see what is happening at home or at the office anytime with any device (iPhone, Android).

Building automation software with KODI

Control any audio video device with one truly universal remote which can be your mobile phone (iPhone, Android), tablet computer (iPad, Android) or Windows based device. ComfortClick bOS enables you to integrate and control any audio/video device regardless of the manufacturer.

Home theater scenes

Movie mode scene initiates the following tasks: shades go down, lights are dimmed, the TV, DVD player and audio system are switched on and you are ready to watch your favorite movie.


With XBMC, bOS KNX visualization software turns into advanced entertainment hub. Create playlists of your preferred  songs, watch your favorite movies and check the photos from the last holidays. In combination with GC100 devices you can also control all your audio video components.

Smart home software showing water/energy consumption

Monitor your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills. Accurate information on how much electricity, water or gas gets consumed at any given time leads to energy efficient habits. Research shows that real time energy consumption monitoring results to an average 10-15% reduction of energy consumption. ComfortClick bOS enables:


Energy consumption (electricity, water and gas) monitoring at any time via any device running Android, iOS, Window or Mac OS platform.

User can check past consumption for any selected period (e.g. day, week, month, year, etc.) and export the data for further analysis.


bOS automatically alerts users via text message or email if the consumption exceeds preset thresholds.

Door phone call in smart home software

Always know when somebody rang your door bell even if you are not at home. When a guest rings the bell on the outdoor IP intercom unit, you will receive a call on the wall touch panel. If nobody answers the call for 30 seconds, the call will be transferred to your mobile phone. This way you can see the guest talk to him and open the doors anywhere you are.

Automated irrigation system in smart home software

Let ComfortClick bOS water your garden for you. Your plants will always have enough water and you’ll decrease the water consumption by automaton the watering process.



User can set weekly schedules for irrigation, which can be modified with any mobile device (Windows, Apple or Android platform).


ComfortClick bOS will automatically adjust the irrigation according to the rain, outdoor temperature and humidity.

Control electrical devices with building operating system

Do not worry anymore about whether you have turned off the toaster when leaving home. Let ComfortClick bOS do it for you.


Control and monitoring

bOS will enable you to control your PC.  Shut down, restart and change to sleep mode - all these functions can be executed via your mobile phone (iPhone®, Android) or tablet computer (iPad®, Android).



ComfortClick bOS can automatically turn off different electrical devices (toaster, iron, audio system, when you leave home.


Swimming pool control with building operating system

Monitor your swimming pool from anywhere and get notified in case of any malfunctions. ComfortClick bOS enables remote monitoring of swimming pool water characteristics (pH, temperature, Redox, etc.). Users will be notified via text message and/or email, if selected parameters exceed predefined levels.

News and weather in building automation software

Get your favorite RSS feeds and be updated about topics that interest you. ComfortClick bOS enables you to customize RSS feeds and follow them on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows based device.

What is the weather forecast? ComfortClick bOS can answer this question. You can check the five day weather forecast and current weather conditions.